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Pediatric Play Groups

Our developmental play groups were developed to allow your child to take part in activities that promote age appropriate gross motor development and sensory activities through multiple avenues of play. Throughout the class, your child may take part in gross motor activities that range from scooter races, to obstacle courses through tunnels and over balance beams, to bouncing in our indoor bounce house! Our sensory activities could include finger painting with shaving cream, play in our many sensory tables, or finger painting with shaving cream.
Each class may have some form of sensory play, so please be sure to dress in play clothes!

Toddler Time
(suggested age 1-3)
Toddler Time is designed as an introduction to social group settings while developing age appropriate gross and fine motor skills for children ages 1-3. During the hour, children will run, jump, climb, and throw, while learning to follow one and two step directions. Children will have the opportunity to explore different textures, sounds, and materials as they play in sensory bins, paint with unusual items, and create their own masterpieces. Children will not know they are strengthening their arms, legs, hands, core muscles, and minds while they are busy engaging in play-based activities.  Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and learn new ways to do things at home to encourage continued development. Please dress children in play clothes, as things can get messy with sensory play!

Preschool Play Group
(suggested age 3-5)
Preschool Play is the next step after Toddler Time, specifically geared towards children ages 3-5. Children in this play group will learn to develop skills for following multi-step directions and we will incorporate letters and numbers through multiple avenues of gross motor skills and sensory play. Children will have the opportunity to participate in jumping, animal walks, running, crawling, and throwing while continuing to develop their larger muscles. Another aspect of this play group will focus on strengthening smaller muscles in their hands required for pre-writing skills while participating in activities such as painting, cutting, stacking, sorting, and stringing. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and learn new ways to do things at home to encourage development.  Please dress children in play clothes, as things can get messy with sensory play!

Bellies n' Bottoms

Bellies n’ Bottoms is a class designed for infants/toddlers who have not yet started to crawl. This class focuses on developing head and neck control, core and back strength, vestibular systems, and introduces children to stimulating visuals, textures, and sounds to help develop sensory systems. Babies are born with bodies ready to move & play and are at an age of critical development. Introducing these little bodies to new movement patterns helps prevent the effects of decreased movement including weakness, decreased coordination, head flattening, and more. Parents and caregivers will interact with their children one-on-one while being guided by our instructors.  For this 45 minute class, it is required for parents/caregivers to bring a blanket/towel to sit on, and Boppy pillow or beach towel to roll up for the kiddos to position on. 

Reservations and Payment

To reserve your spot today, go to the Current Classes - Days and Times section and click on the Sign Up Genius link that is below the class that you are interested in. Payment is due at class time, or can be pre-paid. We accept cash, and credit card if paying for more than three classes.

Current Classes - Days and Times

Our classes are currently on hold. If you would like to be added to our contact list for when they start back up again, please email

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*** Parents/caregivers must remain on the premises and are encouraged to participate in activities!***



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