Intensive Pediatric Feeding Program

NCA's Intensive Pediatric Feeding Program (IPFP) was developed to help families who have children ranging in ages from 6 months to 8 years, struggling with feeding problems. The founders of IPFP, Patty Kovacs MS RD CD, Sara Parker MA, CCC-SLP and Morgan Fulk MS OTR, are combining their talents to create a family centered, parent driven, educational hands-on approach to feeding issues and weaning from tube feedings. This trio of experienced providers are eager and prepared to tackle a wide range of feeding disorders for families who are not seeing success with the typical medical model approach.

Every IPFP plan will be specific to the needs of the family, all sessions will be scheduled on as "as needed" basis. The first appointment will be a three hour evaluation ($250.00), which consists of meeting with each therapist and having an IPFP plan created for your child's needs. All future IPFP sessions ($300.00) will consist of a 3-4 hour appointment which includes hands-on therapy and collaboration time for the family and therapy team, 30 days of follow-up with the three therapists via email, and a follow-up phone call with one of the therapists mid-session.

This phenomenal trio of therapists are excited to introduce this program to Indiana and our surrounding areas!

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IPFP Payments

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